Do levels of methamphetamine in wastewater in Australia vary by geographic location?

The amount of methylamphetamine found in Australian wastewater varies substantially between Australian jurisdictions.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission reported that methylamphetamine was highest in South Australia and Western Australia. On average, methylamphetamine use was higher in regional areas than in capital cities.

Source: Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (2019). National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program: Report 7. Canberra: ACIC.

†This FAQ uses data from the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program. Methylamphetamine excretion was measured. No attempt was made to differentiate amphetamine use from the proportion of methylamphetamine excreted as amphetamine. Further information on the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program is available here.

Methylamphetamine is also commonly known as methamphetamine. In this report, consistent with the preferences of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, methylamphetamine is used.