The Alcohol section of the NADK provides general information about alcohol, as well as the drinking patterns and behaviours of Australians, and the consequences of consumption.

Information is presented in a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which have been divided into sub-categories. The type of information contained within each sub-category is summarised below.

Further details about the best quality Australian alcohol-related datasets, including links to data custodians’ websites, are contained in the report Australia's Key Alcohol-Related Datasets. The established standards for reporting alcohol-related data are contained in the report Alcohol Data Reporting Standards.

  • General Information

    This section provides general information about drinking alcohol in Australia. It includes common definitions related to alcohol and alcohol consumption, how consumption is measured, and guidelines for staying safe when drinking.

  • Use

    This section provides information about the ways in which Australians drink alcohol. It addresses how much and how often Australians drink alcohol, the types of alcohol consumed, and the extent to which alcohol is consumed at risky levels.

  • Employment

    This section provides information about the long- and short-term impacts of alcohol consumption on workplaces and workers. Differences in consumption patterns between employed and unemployed Australians, as well as those not in the labour force, are also examined.

  • Health

    This section provides information about the harms associated with alcohol consumption. The impact of alcohol use on mental and physical health is examined, as well as other conditions that often co-occur with alcohol-related disorders.

  • Crime

    This section provides information about the impact of alcohol consumption on crime and violence in Australia, including verbal abuse, physical abuse, and being put in fear.

  • Treatment

    This section contains information on the provision of medical/psychological treatment for alcohol use. It covers how many Australians seek professional treatment for alcohol-related problems, who is most likely to do so, and changes in these patterns over time.

  • Young People

    This section contains information about the alcohol consumption patterns of Australian school students who are under 18 years of age.