Are men or women in Australia more likely to be hospitalised due to cannabis use?

Men accounted for more hospital separations due to cannabis use disorders than women in 2018-19.

Men accounted for 61% (n=3,734) of all hospital separations due to cannabis use in Australia and women accounted for 39% (n=2,366).

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). National Hospital Morbidity Database, 2018-19 (NCETA secondary analysis, 2021).

Cannabis Use Disorder: A disease, disorder or condition which was directly caused by the individual’s own cannabis use.

Hospital Separation: An episode of care for an admitted patient, which can be:

  • a total hospital stay (from admission to discharge, transfer or death); or
  • a portion of a hospital stay beginning or ending in a change of type of care (for example, from acute to rehabilitation).

Separation also means the process by which an admitted patient completes an episode of care either by being