What types of treatment for cannabis use do Australians receive?

The main type of treatment received for cannabis use in Australia is counselling, which accounts for 39% of cannabis treatment episodes. This is followed by information and education, which accounts for 20% of cannabis-related treatment episodes.

Counselling accounts for 39% of treatment episodes for cannabis use in Australia; withdrawal management accounts for 9%; assessment accounts for 11%; support and case management accounts for 16%; rehabilitation accounts for 3%; information and education accounts for 20%; and other types of treatment (including pharmacotherapy) accounts for 2%.

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services in Australia 2017-18.

Treatment Episode: A period of contact between a client and a treatment provider. Only ‘closed’ treatment episodes are included in the data used here. An episode is closed if there is a change in the principal drug of concern, main treatment, or service delivery setting; if the treatment ends; or if the patient is imprisoned or dies.