Which alcohol beverages do Australians aged 12-17 years usually drink?

The main alcohol beverage consumed by Australian youth aged 12-17 years is premixed spirits.

In 2016 among Australians aged 12-17 years who drank alcohol, 40% mainly drank premixed spirits, 15% mainly drank bottled spirits/liqueur, 10% mainly drank regular strength beer, 9% mainly drank cider, and 9% mainly drank bottled wine.

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). 2016 National Drug Strategy Household.

Please note: Percentages do not tally to 100% as only the five most common main beverage types selected are reported.

Data presented here concerns young Australians who have consumed alcohol in the past 12 months.  These data differ from ASSADS data concerning beverage types consumed by school students which only includes students who drank in the past week and excludes those who chose more than one beverage type.