How many Australians die each year from alcohol-related causes?

Alcohol-related deaths include those that arise from:

  • alcohol-related injuries
  • diseases that are associated with alcohol use
  • diseases that are directly caused by alcohol use.

In 2010, 1,171 Australians died from alcohol-caused diseases. Many more died from illnesses and injuries where their own or another person's alcohol use played a contributory role.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). 2010 Mortality Data (ABS secondary analysis, 2013).

Alcohol-Caused Disease: A disease, disorder or condition which was directly caused by the individual’s own alcohol consumption.

Diseases classified as directly caused by alcohol use include: mental and behavioural disorders due to alcohol use; alcohol-induced pseudo-Cushing’s syndrome; degeneration of nervous system due to alcohol; special epileptic syndromes; alcoholic polyneuropathy; alcoholic myopathy; alcoholic cardiomyopathy; alcoholic gastritis; alcoholic liver disease; alcohol-induced acute pancreatitis; alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis; maternal care for (suspected) damage to fetus from alcohol; fetus and newborn affected by maternal use of alcohol; fetal alcohol syndrome (dysmorphic); finding of alcohol in blood; alcohol toxicity; accidental poisoning by and exposure to alcohol; intentional self-poisoning by and exposure to alcohol; poisoning by and exposure to alcohol, undetermined intent; evidence of alcohol involvement in morbidity/mortality determined by blood alcohol level; evidence of alcohol involvement in morbidity/mortality determined by level of intoxication.