Are younger or older Australians more likely to be detained by police for alcohol-related crimes?

Australians aged 18-24 years are the age group most likely to report that alcohol use contributed to the crime for which they were detained by police. The likelihood of being detained for an alcohol-related crime tends to decline with age.

1% of Australians charged with alcohol-related crime were 15-17 years of age, 32% were 18-24 years, 19% were 25-29 years, 27% were 30-39 years, 14% were 40-49 years, 5% were 50-59 years, 1% were 60-69 years, and 0.1% were 70+ years.

Source: Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC). 2012 Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) Survey (NCETA secondary analysis, 2013).

Alcohol-Related Crime: A crime is defined as alcohol-related where alcohol use contributed to that crime as indicated by the police detainee (in the case of DUMA data) or the victim (in the case of NDSHS data).