When Australians aged 12-17 years drink alcohol, how much do they consume?

The largest proportion (42%) of Australians aged 12-17 years who drink alcohol usually consume 1-2 standard drinks per drinking occasion. A substantial proportion (26%) consumes seven or more standard drinks.

42% of Australians aged 12-17 years, who drink alcohol, usually consume 1-2 standard drinks, 21% usually consume 3-4 standard drinks, 11% usually consume 5-6 standard drinks and 26% usually consume 7+ standard drinks.

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NCETA secondary analysis, 2015).

Please note: The quantity of alcohol consumed by school students differs from the quantity consumed by young people in the general population (see FAQ When Australian school students aged 12-17 years drink alcohol, what is the average amount consumed each week?). This is due to the use of different survey measures. The school students’ survey (ASSAD) presents data on the average amount of alcohol consumed over a week. By contrast, the general population survey (NDSHS) presents data on the amount of alcohol usually consumed on a drinking occasion. 

Standard Drink: A drink that contains 10 grams (or 12.5 millilitres) of alcohol.